Grimes – Oblivion (Official Video)

Finally she has made it, BNM’d by Pitchfork the other week and now releasing a killer video with the backing of record label 4AD, Claire Boucher aka Grimes has done good.  Her first 2 albums ‘Geidi Primes’ and ‘Halfaxa’ were experimental dreamy affairs with a little something missing but Grimes’ sound has now evolved into to something more catchy and pop like and is a joy to behold.  Its has been great to see the cute Claire Boucher evolve from a shy unbranded Canadian with an odd fascination for space and all etherial into a more confident, marketable pop-star without her quirkiness being sacrificed on the way.

Her latest album ‘Visions’ is currently out in the US but isn’t released in the UK until 12th March.

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