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Africa Hitech – Out In The Streets

Juke is slowly and steadily getting more fashionable, maybe it could be the next dubstep… Anyway I’m loving Africa Hitech’s new LP “93 Millions Miles”.  Here’s one of the top tracks with a chopped up reggae vocal sample. Africa HiTech … Continue reading

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OFWGKTA dancing to Rebecca Black’s Friday

OF being messing around at the release of “Goblin”.  Watch out for my review of the album coming sooon.

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Lunice x LAZERSWORD – Gucci Sweatshirt, and Lunice’s Hitmanes Anthem

Lunice doing a F∆cking SW∆G dance to LAZERSWORD’s “Gucci Sweatshirt”. You can wrap your ears over LAZERSWORD’s mixtape “Sinden on Kiss” here on Maddecent. Also check Lunice’s solo work; below is a track “Hitmanes Anthem”, from his EP “Stacker Upper“ … Continue reading

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